Team Power Combo pack Team Power XPS EL V2 Professional Sensored Brushless ESC & Cup Racer Bruslees Motor(Sensored)

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xps EL v2

. Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
. Input Voltage: 2S-3S lipo
. BEC: 6V/3A
. Motor Limit: 9.5T or over
. Max current: ~45A per phase
. Size: ~41x31x20mm
. Weight: ~42g

. Hardware design is same as Radon V2.0 series speed control except using plastic casing.
. Firmware, PC Software & LCD program card is compatible with Radon V2.0 series speed control
. Ultra-smooth, Precise Throttle and Braking Control
. Compatible with Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motors
. Data Analysis Capability(RPM, Low voltage and ESC temperature)
. HotWire PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating
. Easily Programming through the LED card(included in the package)
. Built-in one touch On/Off switch with LED
. Bulit-in Low voltage cut-off, Overheat protection and signal loss protection

cup racer

- Design Specification: Based on IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA/BRCA
- Motor Dimensions (Diameter x Length)  35.8mm x 51mm 
- Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
- Magnet Dimensions (Diameter x Length):  12.45mm x 24mm(6.5turn~9.5turn), 12.3mm x 24mm(10.5turn~21.5turn)
- Fix endbell with advanced timing already
- Weight: ~168g  
- Recommended RC Model Car: 1:10 model car, Buggy, MINI Car
- Available Turns: 6.5T, 7.5T, 8.5T, 9.5T, 10.5T, 11.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T, 21.5T